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Whether you are a lawyer looking for a sounding-board, or a corporation or individual worried about a brewing legal problem, call us on a confidential, no names, no obligation basis.

We will be happy to see if we can help.

We want you to get to know us, and experience our service and dedication.

By phone:

416 252 5555

By Email:

Hilary Katamay –,  or

John O’Sullivan –

Office address:

181 University Avenue, Suite 2200
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M5H 3M7

Please note: Contacting Mr O’Sullivan by email does not mean he is acting as lawyer for the person who sent the email. Mr O’Sullivan must first agree to act. That agreement will be confirmed in a retainer letter. No information should be provided to Mr O’Sullivan in an email without his prior agreement, unless the sender is an existing client, and such information will not be considered confidential.