Hourly basis

Litigation fees are often charged on an hourly basis.  This is still the traditional model in Canada.  We are not wedded to it.  There are more and more alternative models.


Alternative fee arrangements

Block fees by stage in a proceeding are available in some circumstances.

Fees can also be arranged on a risk-sharing contingency basis, in appropriate cases.


Can’t afford to litigate? 

In some commercial cases and appeals non-recourse financing for all, or a portion of legal fees, is now available in Canada through third party litigation financing specialists. This funding model permits parties to access courts and mitigate risks.   It is not confined to class actions.  We would be happy to discuss this with you, and assist you in applying for funding.

Crowdfunding, particularly for public interest litigation, is becoming popular in jurisdictions outside and within Canada.  Please contact us to discuss your options.


Pro Bono

John O’Sullivan is committed to providing services pro bono,  where need and the importance of the issue warrant.


Please contact us for more information about any of these options.